Tomáš Zúbrik

I’m UI/UX designer since 2014. I create clean, simple & user-friendly designs for web and mobile applications by following the best UX practices on websites like a interaction-design.org, lawsofux.com or nngroup.com. I can read heatmaps and understand Hotjar/Smartlook tools. I have experience with A/B testing on Google Optimize and also experience with coding the design into HTML & CSS, Front-End framework Tailwind, and WordPress.
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I regularly study UX, UI and interactive animation
UI Design Patterns for Successful Software
Interaction Design Foundation
Issued Nov 2020
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Interaction Design for Usability
Interaction Design Foundation
Issued Mar 2021
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Human-Centered Design
Issued Oct 2019
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UX Design
ProCreator - Digital Design Agency
Issued Oct 2020
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UI Animations and Interactions with After Effects
Issued Oct 2019
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Design for screens (UX / UI / Ix)
Issued Jan 2019
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My work has also been evaluated by these people
Barbora Juhásová
Project Manager, 
"I have worked with Tomas for almost one year and it was such a great experience! He brings a level of professionalism and he also delivers peace of mind to me and clients alike. Be sure that when you work with Tomas, or the company he represents, the job will get done right. Tomas would be an asset to any organisation"
Marek Šolc
Finance Director, 
Lighting Beetle
"Tomáš helped us with the graphics in the preparation of the Experience Conference and in the project for Orange. It excels in graphic skills on advanced level and also has advanced experience HTML / CSS, which makes it a T-shaped UI / UX designer."
Jozef Hrušovský
CEO, Atte academy
"Tomáš Zúbrik is a hard-working, creative professional that brings a lot to any table. He was very timely and helpful in assisting me within his role."
Peter Chvojka
Developer, WBP Online
"Throughout the design process, Tomas shows key design thinking skills. His UI / UX and Web Development experience show throughout his work, where he applies his experience to solve real user problems in a way that is direct and effective."
Juraj Jurga
Product Manager, 01People
"I had the opportunity to work with Tomáš on several projects, where he proved his flexibility and ability to work under time pressure. The apps' interfaces, websites, and presentations Tomas has created, were remarkable and users liked them. Besides, Tomas was easy-going, funny, and nice to work with a colleague who also understood the processes of project management, communication with clients, and development. Overall, he was a great asset to the 01People."
Milan Piskla
Project Manager, WBP Online
"Tomas worked in our team as an UI designer. He designed user interfaces for our web, mobile and desktop applications. Tomas always came with fresh ideas and prepared an intuitive design. He communicated directly with frontend developers and was also able to accept a compromise when the stakeholders reviewed our prototypes. I believe that Tomas will bring a value to any team creating modern user interfaces."
Pavol Bielik
CTO, LatticeFlow
"We've worked with Tomas on developing our website and a number of small projects afterwards. To say that everyone on our team was happy with Tomas is a big understatement. Tomas has a very good feeling for design and it was easy to work with him and iterate on our needs. Even though we often did not have a clear idea of what we want, he came up with good suggestions and was flexible to adjust the design based on our feedback."
Piergiorgio Gonni
Designer, Samuel Associates
"Throughout the design process, Tomas shows key design thinking skills. His UI / UX and Web Development experience show throughout his work, where he applies his experience to solve real user problems in a way that is direct and effective."
Ľubomír Šimko
Director, Kreativ Gang s.r.o.
"Cooperation with Tomáš was seamless. Super controls both UX and UI, adhere to deadlines and approaches his work responsibly."
Paulina J.K. Paulova
Digital Government & Innovation at the Federal Computing Center
"Tomas has proven to be an expert in the area of UI/UX by providing an in-depth evaluation of web-based solutions and applicable recommendations for the user interface of one educational platform. He is very structured and works effectively as a designer. He doesn´t waste any time. I am very satisfied with Tomas´work and can only recommend him, his talent and the work ethics."
Pavol Perdík
Managing Director, BRACKETS by Triad
"Tomáš is experienced designer with focus on UI & web design. I could always count on his determination and the results. Also, he is very kind person, with lots of jokes in his pocket."
Jozef Krajčovič
CEO, COO at The more
"Good designer with technical background. Good cooperation. We recommend. 👍"