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Website for startup about AI data models
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AI and Data
Creating a new website for a startup company offering a platform that can auto-diagnose data and models, empowering ML teams to deliver robust and performant AI models faster. The client asked me to create a brand new design for the website that is matching with their visual identity and logo and implement a new design into WordPress.

Problem statement

There was no previous website and no data about, competition, or potential clients, so we started from scratch. In the beginning, I had a call with stakeholder (co-owner) about the services that they are offering, who are their clients, and the vision of the future of his website. As the result, we set these goals:
  • WordPress website with easily editable content for client
  • Professional look, responsive design
  • Set analytics Google Analytics and Rank Math for SEO
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Concepts & Wireframes

Wireframes helped us to better understand what kind of content we need on the new website and also specify it. With client I worked agily, so after I created wireframe he sent me comments through Figma or we had call and the we regulary improved wireframes.
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Typography and basic UI library

I created scaled typography, define colors and state for buttons for whole web project. I based on their visual identity and logo that stakeholder delivered to me.


The iterative design process is concept that try identified a user needs and have generated ideas to meet that need. With stakeholder we tested our designs and get feedback by moderated testing on users.
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Design include homepage with parallax menu, page for every industry, documentation library. Created in Figma and implemented in Wordpress by Oxygen builder with fluid typography.
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Mobile version

Building mobile version is standard of nowadays and brings better usability wherever user is.
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